Amazon Business is very similar to Amazon — only with added features tailored to the needs of businesses. Users get access to business-only pricing, multi-user accounts, and more. Here’s everything you need to know.


It is free to join and includes a unique set of features that organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups would find useful, such as multi-user accounts and quantity discounts.

If you’re interested in giving your team access to the hundreds of millions of business products on Amazon’s marketplace, but with the ability to set spending limits, monitor buying, access price discounts on multi-unit purchases, get pallet deliveries, and more, then you need to become a registered Amazon Business user.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business brings to you the one-stop destination for all your office needs. You can now make your office purchases hassle-free by getting access to 15 crore+ products across 31 categories. You can also claim GST input tax credit and save up to 28% on your purchases, get business exclusive pricing, quantity discounts, doorstep delivery, and easy returns and replacements. 

How to join Amazon Business

To join Amazon Business, follow these steps:
1. Visit to get started.
2. Click the “Register Now” button to create a free Amazon Business account.
3. You’ll be asked to enter the email you want to use for your account. You can use the one provided by your employer. You’ll also need to enter your name and password.
4. Amazon will ask for your business information to help verify it, such as the address shown on your official documents.
5. To get verified quicker, you can provide your credit card or tax information such as a GST No.
6. Amazon will then verify you. It can up to 24-72 hours. Once verified you will get a confirmation email on your registered Email Address.

Note: If you try to join Amazon Business with an email that’s already connected to a regular Amazon account, you’ll be asked to upgrade that account to an Amazon Business account. If you decline this offer, you’ll need to sign up with a different email.

How is Amazon Business different from Amazon?

To better understand the primary differences between Amazon Business and the regular Amazon marketplace, which you’re likely already familiar with, check out some of the features that are not only exclusive to Amazon Business but also make it unique:

GST Invoice: Save up to 28% on your office purchases

  • Invoice Details: All your business purchases will receive a GST invoice, including GST number, your company/organization name, and PO number.
  • Identify GST Invoice: Look for the ‘GST invoice’ tag on the product detail page.
  • GST Invoice Benefits: Save up to 5% – 28% on your business purchases by claiming GST input tax credit, on select products.

Business Pricing & Bulk Discounts: Receive exclusive price and bulk discounts on lakhs of products. Shop from your business account for the best offers.

  • Business-only prices: Amazon Business offers discounts just for businesses on lakhs of products across Amazon.
  • Bulk Discounts: We offer price slabs on multi-unit purchases on select products. Save more when you buy more.
  • Compare offers: Satisfy your sourcing requirements: See multiple offers from a variety of sellers on a single page.
  • Business-only products: Find specific business products. From IT to janitorial, from office to restaurant supplies, from healthcare to hospitality — Amazon Business has it.
  • Seller credentials: Amazon Business lets you browse and shop from business sellers with specific attributes such as small business, women-owned.
  • Multi-user accounts: Once you create a free Amazon Business account, you can connect your entire team and create purchasing groups to match your organization structure.
  • Approval workflows: You can customize order approvals and set spending limits to not only manage your organization’s buying but also gain visibility into how funds are spent.
  • Reporting and analytics: You can track and monitor your spending with handy charts.

Key Features

Simple and efficient purchasing for your business. Place orders with ease and reduce your costs with best prices and deals. Leverage advanced tools to make buying for your business more efficient and transparent.

Simplify buying: Amazon Business provides you with a powerful suite of features that make it easy to buy for your business, so you have more time to focus on other priorities.

  • Wide selection with GST invoice: Access lakhs of products across categories from sellers all over the country. Look for “excl. GST” price on the product page to check the price net of GST.
  • Dedicated Business Homepage: Access the dedicated business homepage to discover products, offers, and features relevant to your organization. Also available on-the-go through the Amazon App.
  • Smooth checkout: Add multiple addresses and payment methods. Choose your preferred option with just a click during checkout.
  • Easy returns & replacements: Return products for a refund or place replacement for damaged or defective products. With Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, your purchases are protected.

Reduce costs: Get more for your money with Amazon Business. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established business, there are plenty of ways to reduce your costs.

  • Business deals: Get access to business exclusive deals to maximize your savings.
  • Bulk discounts: Buy in large quantities and get bulk discounts on eligible orders with Quantity Discounts.
  • Custom Quotes: Get quotes from multiple sellers based on your requirements with Request for Quantity Discounts. Compare and choose the most competitive price.
  • Free shipping: Get free fast delivery on lakhs of eligible products.

Manage purchasing: Flexible account settings let you manage purchasing to suit unique needs of your business, letting you deliver more value than ever before.

  • Multiple users in a single account: Enable your team members to make purchases independently and securely. No need to share your login credentials, just add your colleagues as users to your business account.
  • Team workflows: Create groups with two or more users in your account. Share payment methods like credit/debit cards, with them, without sharing CVV/OTP. Create Approval workflows to notify specific members and get approvals before the order is processed.
  • Buying policies: Enable policies that maintain compliance with your organizational guidelines. Set GST Invoice Policy to give alerts when buying products without GST invoice.
  • Amazon Business Analytics: Track and report spend at user, group, and company level. Identify areas of potential savings and uncover hidden value for your business.

How does Amazon Business work?

There is no front-facing Amazon Business storefront — you can’t enter a web address into your browser to see it. You must create a free account from here and then sign in to view Amazon Business and all the items available through it. There’s also a little-to-no learning curve, as Amazon Business looks and works nearly identically to regular Amazon.

Account and business settings
Sign in to your free Amazon Business account, and from the corner of the page, you can click on your name to access a drop-down menu with your Account settings. Amazon Business users get additional settings, such as business settings (add members, set up approval workflows, manage payment options, and enter tax exemption information), business analytics (see reports, invoices, and line-item details), and the ability to manage suppliers (search for and save your preferred suppliers).

Browse and shop
Once you sign in to your Amazon Business account, you’ll see the familiar Amazon search bar at the top. You can enter a keyword or product number to find a specific item. Try searching for something, like a printer, and you’ll be able to filter your results on the left — just like you would on regular Amazon. However, since this is Amazon Business, you also see the option to filter items by Business Prime eligible, seller type (like a business seller), and seller certification (i.e., women-owned).

Place an order
The Amazon Business checkout process is almost indistinguishable from the regular Amazon checkout process: Add an item to your cart, select whether it’s a recurring delivery, and then go to your cart to confirm your shipping details, payment method, and place the order. If you’d like to review your order after you’ve placed it, go to your Account settings and either click the Orders menu option directly or select Business analytics to get a detailed report on shipping, product, and seller information.

How to avail GST invoice Benefit?

You can Purchase products with  GST Invoice and save up to 28% more with an input tax credit.

Step 1 While searching, always use the GST Invoice filter.


While searching, always use the GST Invoice filter.

Step 2 Compare GST incl. and excl. prices to calculate potential savings


Compare GST incl. and excl. prices to calculate potential savings

Step 3 Look for GST Invoice badge on the product detail page


Look for GST Invoice badge on the product detail page

Step 4: Few products on which GST invoice is not available will have the message (GST credit not available) on the detail page


Few products on which GST invoice is not available will have the message (GST credit not available) on the detail page

What can you buy on Amazon Business?

For a better idea of what you can buy on Amazon Business, check out our round-ups below:

Amazon Business – Frequently Asked Questions

To get more information on Amazon Business Account, You can click on the Official FAQ Page on Amazon India Website by clicking here

Official FAQ on Credit facility can be accessed by clicking here.

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